IntelliJ Plugin

This section describes the TICS IntelliJ Plugin. This plugin can be used in IntelliJ IDEA 2017.2 and later, as well as Rider 2018.1 and later.


There are two ways to install the IntelliJ plugin: manually or through the TICS Installer.

TICS Installer

Under Windows, the easiest way to install the TICS Plugin is to use the TICS client installer.

Close IntelliJ and run the TICS client installer.

When the TICS Add-ins dialog is shown, select IntelliJ.

The TICS Add-ins step in the TICS installer.

When the IntelliJ plugin dialog is shown, select the IntelliJ installation folder.

The IntelliJ plugin step in the TICS installer.

Complete the installation.

Manual Installation

Add the TICS Plugin to IntelliJ without installer.

In order to install the TICS IntelliJ plugin manually, you need to manually download a zip distribution of the plugin.

Follow the steps to add this plugin to your IntelliJ environment.


The TICS IntelliJ Plugin provides a toolbar with four buttons.

The IntelliJ workspace with the TICS buttons.
The TICS buttons have the following meaning.