Visual Studio Code Plugin

This section describes how to install TICS Visual Studio Code Plugin. This plugin is compatible with Visual Studio Code versions 1.20.1 and up.


There are two ways to install the Visual Studio Code plugin: manually or through the TICS Installer.

For Linux machines, please look below in the Manual Installation section.

TICS Installer

For Windows installations, follow the following steps.

Close Visual Studio Code, run the TICS installer and select Single Server or Multi Server->TICS client

When getting to the TICS Add-ins dialog, select Visual Studio Code from the checkbox list.


In the next step select the folder where Visual Studio Code installed, e.g C:\Program Files\Microsoft VS Code.


Complete the installation.

Manual Installation

In order to install the TICS Visual Studio Code plugin manually, you need to download a .vsix distribution of the plugin from TIOBE Portal.

This installation option also works for Linux machines.

Note: For the plugin to work on a Linux machine, Visual Studio Code needs to be started from the terminal.

To start Visual Studio Code from terminal for a given project, you can navigate to the project folder and run vscode . or code .

This is due to an issue with Microsoft Visual Studio Code. The plugin needs access to your TICS environment variable.
Visual studio code currently does not read environment variables properly if started from the desktop icon.
For more information regarding this issue please refer to these issue reports. here and here.

Follow these steps to add this plugin to your Visual Studio Code environment.


The TICS commands are available from

The TICS buttons have the following meaning: