TICS Bamboo Plugin

This plugin provides integration of TICS Quality Analysis and Quality Gating functionalities for Atlassian Bamboo.


To use this plugin as part of a build configuration for a given project, you need to have a valid TICS installation. It is assumed your build agent is capable of running TICSQServer.


You can install this plugin either via the Marketplace or using a .jar distribution. Installation instructions for both methods is found on the Atlassian Documentation.


The plugin contains two build tasks, namely TICS Quality Analysis and TICS Quality Gating. To start using the plugin create a new build plan or open an existing one. A plan can contain multiple stages and each stage can contain one or more Jobs. In your Job configuration click on the add task button. You can use the search bar to search for the TICS tasks.

TICS Quality Analysis

TICS Quality Gate