Creating a new TICS project

There are two methods for creating a new TICS project. The first one is to use the tool TICSMaintenance. This method is a command-line tool, and is therefore best suited for the expert user. For novice users, we recommend using the Build Configuration pages of the TICS Viewer, which gives you a more user-friendly and streamlined experience.

To create a project using Build Configuration, the following steps need to be carried out.

  1. Open the TICS Dashboard and open the "Build Configuration" from the application menu in the top-left corner. If you do not see this item, you are not authorized. If this is a fresh TICS installation, you can use the default username/password combination admin/admin. Otherwise, please ask your TICS Administrator or TICS representative to give you the proper authorization.

    Open Build Configuration
  2. Create a new project by clicking on Add Project and Create Project...(wizard)

    Add project
  3. Enter the project properties:

    • Name for the new project
    • Name of the branch
    • Select a directory that corresponds to the root of that branch, i.e., the location where that branch is checked out on the file system

    Then press Create to create the project.

    Create project