Generating a TICS Client Temporary Directory

If you encounter an issue with the TICS Client and report this to your TICS representative, it can be that you are asked to provide a temporary directory or tmpdir of your run.

This temporary directory contains various artifacts of the TICS run and log files containing all actions TICS has taken. As such, this directory contains useful debugging information for the TIOBE service engineer and the TICS development team to diagnose and resolve your issue. Dependent on your preferred way of working, there are two ways to generate this directory.

Providing a TICS Client temporary directory from the command line

To generate a temporary directory from the command line, add the following argument to your command line invocation to write a temporary directory to the location of $TMPDIR.

TICS $(your_args_here) -tmpdir $TMPDIR $(your_files_here).

So, to give an example of what this would look like if you wanted to write your temporary directory to F:/tmp:

TICS -project AppDatabase -recalc CS -tmpdir F:/tmp

Providing a TICS Client temporary directory from your IDE

To generate a temporary directory from your IDE, first open the TICSConfig (or TICS Client Configuration) application. This can be done via the TICS Rule and Options configuration button in your IDE, or via the Start Menu in Windows.

Once you have opened it, click on General Options, which should open the following dialog:


In this dialog, enable the 'Use the specified directory for intermediate files' option, and fill in the location to which you want to write the TICS temporary directory. In this example, F:/tmp will be used as the TICS temporary directory. Afterwards, execute the same TICS run as before. It should now have generated a temporary directory.

Note that unlike the command line invocation, setting this via TICSConfig will apply to your future TICS runs as well. If this is not wanted, disable it in TICSConfig after generating the temporary directory you wanted.