Configuring FxCop

It is possible to incorporate FxCop results in the TICS output for C# files. FxCop is a static analyzer from Microsoft. It checks a set of rules on .NET assemblies.

Important Note: TICS only shows those FxCop violations that can be related back to the file that is being analyzed. FxCop also checks application wide rules but without referencing an offending source file. These violations are ignored by TICS.


For a successful FxCop integration, the following prerequisites must be met.

Basic configuration

The FxCop analyzer requires the BUILDTYPE to be properly set.

BUILDTYPE: [ { 'name': 'CSProj', 'compiler': ['None'] } ]

A standard FxCop rule configuration is available in the form of a IMPL.txt, RULES.txt pair.

Warning reference

See FxCop Warnings for a list of all FxCop warnings.