Configuring Luacheck

It is possible to incorporate Luacheck results in the TICS output for Lua files. Luacheck provides a list of violations for TICS to use in calculating coding standard compliance.

Optional configuration

By default, TICS attempts to find Luacheck in the CHK folder. Alternatively, the location of Luacheck can be configured using the PATH property. Furthermore, command line options can be specified using the CMDOPTIONS property.

The configuration for Luacheck can be added to either the SERVER.yaml to apply them for all projects, or in PROJECTS.yaml to enable project-specific settings. If the properties are declared in the SERVER file and also in the PROJECT file, the project-specific properties will override the global properties.


The following properties can (optionally) be declared, either on SERVER or PROJECT level:
    PATH: ''
    CMDOPTIONS: ['']


    PATH: 'C:/ProgramFiles/Lua/luacheck.exe'
    CMDOPTIONS: ['--no-max-cyclomatic-complexity', '--max-line-length', '--no-default-config']