Configure Coding Standard Web Server
The is a PHP file, located in the cfg directory in the document root. It defines some constants that are used for PDF generation, such as the title, author of the document, standard header and footer for each page, page margins and fonts used.

Example To create headers and footers with variable and fixed elements, use something like the following:

define('CSTD_HEADER', '...');
define('CSTD_FOOTER', '.1.');
define('CSTD_HEADERLEFT', '"TIOBE Software C++ Coding Standard"');
define('CSTD_HEADERCENTER', '"Version 0.1.5"');
define('CSTD_HEADERRIGHT', '"Draft"');
This reserves a header (...) for a fixed title, version and status entry, and a footer that has the page number in the center. Also note the additional quotes ("") arround the fixed header entries.

The front page of the PDF report is generated from the preamble. The preamble can be configured from the 'home' page of the coding standard viewer.

The codingstandard.txt is a html file, located in the cfg directory in the document root. It is a template that is used for PDF generation. It specifies the order in which the sections appear in the document, where page breaks are inserted and how content is formatted (e.g., tabular).

The following conventions must be when defining anchors and refererences:

element   name   href
Category   {Name}   #{Name}
Rule   Rule_{RuleID}   #Rule_{RuleID}
Literature   Literature_{LiteratureID}   {Link}
The product.ini is a .ini style file that contains key value pairs (separated by =, one per line) that resides in the res directory in the document root. It allows one to customize the header and footer of each page that is rendered in the browser when navigating the coding standard pages.

Below, a list of all available keys is given with some example values.

PRODUCTNAME="TICS Coding Standard"
PRODUCTSUBNAME="TIOBE Coding Standard Framework"
COPYRIGHTTEXT="© 2004-2006 TIOBE Software BV"