Install TIOBE Code Checkers

  1. Go to the TICS download site.

  2. Login (you should have received a username and password from TIOBE to login):


  3. Go to the directory codecheckers. Here all supported code checkers are listed. Repeat the steps below for every TIOBE code checker (checkers that start with "TICS") that you require.

  4. Click on the code checker you would like to install, e.g., "TICSc".

  5. image

  6. Click on the latest available version for the platform you would like to install for, e.g., "win32", you click "".


  7. Click "Open" to open the ZIP archive. Note that the downloaded file is a .zip file. Depending on which tool is set to view the archive, the following steps may differ. The screenshots below show which steps should be taken to extract the files from the archive to the "rules" directory on the File Server by using a standard Windows XP installation.

  8. Select a folder to extract files to. The folder should be the File Server installation directory (as configured in Install File Server), followed by "\chk". E.g., if the File Server is installed in "C:\Program Files\TIOBE\TICS\FileServer" the code checker goes into "C:\Program Files\TIOBE\TICS\FileServer\chk". Subsequently click the "Next >" button.


  9. Uncheck the "Show extracted files" box and press "Finish".


  10. The TIOBE code checker installation is complete.