TICS Jenkins plugin

The TICS Jenkins plugin is a plugin for the Jenkins continuous integration tool that computes and shows the TICS TQI metrics for your Jenkins project.


Follow the steps below to download and install the plugin in Jenkins.

  1. Go to the TICS download site and download the latest available version of the plugin (.hpi extension). Click to download.

  2. In Jenkins, go to Manage Jenkins => Manage Plugins => Advanced => Upload Plugin.

  3. Wait until Jenkins has restarted. You can check the plugin has been successfully installed via Manage Jenkins => Manage Plugins => Installed


To configure the TICS plugin for your Jenkins project, follow the steps below.

  1. In Jenkins, select the project you want to have TQI results for. Select Configure.

  2. Add a Post-build Action, Publish TICS results.

  3. Configure the TICS Viewer URL and TICS Path for your project. You can find the viewer URL by pointing your browser to the viewer for your project and copy the URL up to (and including) the section (default in the example). You can find the TICS path by selecting the project in the viewer and check the path of the Treemap and use this to construct the TICS path. Do not forget to save the settings.

  4. In your Jenkins project, the TICS logo appears but no result data is available yet. After a build of the project, the TQI result data will be shown.